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GET INTO THE RHYTHM OF COMPOSING OUR FUTURE when you join us for the 2020 National Convention! Explore new ideas for club growth, revitalize existing club programs and exchange ideas with others from across the U.S. while enjoying the fun and fellowship that being a Sertoman is all about!

The music starts Thursday, April 23 with the Annual Awards Banquet dinner and plays through Friday and Saturday with an energizing keynote address, insightful session speakers, a town hall meeting, and of course, plenty of time for Sertomans to come together and enjoy all the sights and sounds that Kansas City has to offer. During these jam sessions, attendees can exchange innovative ideas and generate insightful, creative solutions to help clubs flourish in today’s changing world.

Life's beauty is held in our stories

The unassuming. The quiet. Those you rally behind. Those you never knew needed a hand. Everyone has a story to share. And every story is a chance to experience grace in action.

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