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Service To Mankind. It’s more than just how we got our name, it’s been our foundation for over 100 years. Sertomans across the country are unified with a single purpose: serve our communities and improve the lives of those who need help. Our mission and our passion is to improve the quality of life for those at risk or impacted by hearing loss through education and support.


Did you receive an email asking for confirmation of your information? IT WAS FROM US! We would greatly appreciate your assistance in making sure our files are up-to-date and accurate. Sertoma, Inc., Hearing Charities of America®, the Hearing Aid Project, and CELEBRATE SOUND® all share the same database umbrella which is sponsored by Sertoma, Inc. and hosted by Blackbaud. So if you receive an email that fits this description, rest assured it was sent at our request. Thank you!

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The unassuming. The quiet. Those you rally behind. Those you never knew needed a hand. Everyone has a story to share. And every story is a chance to experience grace in action.

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