20 Recruiting Tips for 2020!

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Member Services Manager

January 15, 2020

What’s on your club’s to-do list for 2020? Maybe you are thinking about launching a new community service project or giving your flagship event a complete makeover. You might be thinking about developing a robust slate of speakers for the year or seeking out new sponsors.

No matter what your plans are, there is one resolution that should be on everyone’s list: recruiting new members. This can certainly be a challenge, but making membership growth a top priority is critical to ensuring your club has a future.

Here are 20 tips to help your recruitment efforts be successful in 2020:

  1. Build a list of potential members at a club meeting. Then, work with a committee or the Board to devise a communication plan and make sure to follow up on the group’s progress.
  2. Just ask someone – coworkers, family, friends, neighbors and members of other organizations you belong to all make great potential Sertomans.
  3. Bring a guest to a meeting and make sure to reach out after with an invitation to join or come to another meeting.
  4. Join the local Chamber of Commerce. Not only will you build up a network of potential members, it can also be a great place to make a presentation about your club and the cause(s) it supports. You can also offer to host a future “business after hours” event or help sponsor lunch.
  5. Provide complimentary bookmarks to your local public library that promote your club.
  6. Participate in community events by hosting a booth at farmers markets, fairs, festivals, trade shows, etc. Make sure to make your booth fun and engaging (games always work well) and have some kind of take-home swag and print materials.
  7. Host an open house with a community service element. Donation drives for things like coats, toys, backpacks and food can garner publicity while also serving the local area.
  8. Who’s making the local news? Send letters to invite them to join your club. These individuals can also be great potential speakers for upcoming meetings.
  9. Build relationships with local businesses. These can be great resources when you’re seeking donations of goods and services for projects. A letter, phone call or in-person visit are all ways to get started.
  10. Print club business cards with meeting information to handout to the people you meet. Sertoma even provides a customizable template for free in our online Member Center.
  11. Hold high-profile meetings. In particular, inviting elected officials to be speakers can be a great way to draw new attendees as the officials will often promote their appearances.
  12. Honor non-members in your community with awards like Sertoma’s Service to Mankind Award. Local media loves to cover these stories, so make sure to invite them and take lots of pictures that your members can share on social media.
  13. Reward your best recruiters! Offering a rewards programs with incentives like gift cards, money or paid convention registrations can help encourage other members to join your efforts.
  14. Share your story with others through joint meetings. Collaborate with other service clubs, trade associations and business organizations who are willing to partner on future events.
  15. Reach out your local media regularly. Hometown newspapers, radio channels and even TV stations often look heartwarming community stories. Include how others can learn more about your club in every pitch.
  16. Wear your club’s pin. It can be a real conversation starter.
  17. Include non-members in your club’s newsletter. You never know what will draw someone’s interest!
  18. Work on your sales pitch with other members. Have a speaker at your meeting that can help develop an elevator speech and then practice with each other. Organizations like Toastmasters can be a great resource for such presenters.
  19. Offer well-publicized, free events in the community. Holiday lightings, charity fundraisers at local cycling clubs, wine tastings, cook off competitions and local arts performances can be great ways to bring to your club. Just don’t forget to promote membership and ask people to join! Collect contact information (if possible) for follow-up later.
  20. Actively participate in local social media groups, especially on Facebook. These niche conversations can not only help you share information about your club, it can also be a great way to find out about needs in your community. Just make sure not to get wrapped up in drama.

    It’s going to be an exciting year, Sertomans! We hope you make your dreams come true and achieve all of your goals. If you have any questions, or need help doing so, please contact us at 816.333.8300 or infosertoma@sertomahq.org.

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  • Donna L Schehl says:

    Carson Valley Sertomans are doing 90% or more of the Recruitment suggestions.

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