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October 17, 2016

Sertoma Board Seeking New Positions
The Sertoma Board is currently seeking a Treasurer,  Jr. Vice President and Director at Large for the 2017-2018 year.

All applications and position related questions will need to be emailed to the Executive Director, Steven Murphy, by Nov. 30 at smurphy@sertomahq.org

The treasurer position will be appointed for a two-year term, and will have the ability to be reappointed for one successive term. Please see the qualifications below.

Treasurer Qualifications
The appointee must be a member of  Sertoma in good standing and has demonstrated experience and skills related to reading and understanding, financial statements, investment reports and related information.

The Executive Committee will review applications at the first Board meeting of the new calendar year. The Board will then make a recommendation, and will vote at the meeting if possible. If it is not possible to vote at the meeting, the vote will take place through an outside form of communication within 30 days.

Following the summer Board meeting in the year before the Treasurer’s term expires, a notification will be made in an official Sertoma publication soliciting members to apply for the position.

View Sertoma’s Policy Statements

Sertoma elections will take place in April 2017. The candidate for Junior Vice President and Director at Large should announce their candidacy by December 1 in order for their information to be included in the Winter Sertoman. A letter of inquiry will need to be sent to Sertoma President, Don Bartelmay. Candidates for Junior Vice President and Director at Large will need to have their bios and photos sent to Sertoma headquarters by December 15.

Friendly reminder that the Sertoma Forum will be held in March 2017.

Region Meeting Dates
Aug. 18-21 Atlantic Coast Region
Aug. 18-21 Southeastern Caribbean Region
Aug. 26-28 Great Lakes Region
Sept. 29- Oct 1 Great Plains Region
Sept. 30-Oct 1. Allegheny/Canada Region
Oct. 13-15 Heart of America Region
Oct. 13-15 Mountain West Region

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