2017-18 Sertoma Community Grant Recipient

January 25, 2019

Anchor Center for Blind and Deaf Children – Hearing, Seeing and Believing.

Our senses give us the power to connect and experience the world in different ways. The same concept applies to technology. Thanks to your generous donations, deaf-blind children are now able to receive the special gift of communicating with their peers, learning in the classroom and experiencing sound in a brand new way.

The Delta Gamma Anchor Center for Blind Children in Denver, Colorado, specializes in serving children who are blind, or have serious visual and auditory impairments during the most formative years of their life—from when they are born to age of five. The Anchor Center established itself as a nonprofit organization in 1982, and is one in a handful of organizations nationwide that provides early intervention and developmental education services to very young children.

For an infant or young child, blindness or hearing loss can substantially impact developmental milestones. One important intervention tool according to Savannah Wippel, Director of Development and Community Relations, is the use of audio technologies, which can supplement or work in conjunction with a child’s hearing aids. This technology can be extremely beneficial in enabling communication for children with deaf-blindness. This technology improves the hearing of speech in difficult listening situations in two different ways.

1. It increases the amount a child speaks or interacts with Anchor Center’s trans-disciplinary team of teachers and therapists.
2. It helps improve concentration, focus and maximizes language opportunities, as well as increases spontaneous communication.

The Anchor Center hopes to utilize the equipment for a minimum of five years, and is very thankful for Sertoma’s support in providing the life changing technology.

“We are so grateful for the generous donors who gave the gift of hearing to our children, and made it possible for us to have this equipment available in our classrooms,” Callie Robinson, Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments said. “This specialized audio and communication technology allows our children with hearing impairment access to the audio environment, which will improve their incidental learning and increase their cognitive and language development skills.”

To learn more about how the Anchor Center assists those who are deaf and blind, you can visit their website www.anchorcenter.org.

If you are interested in helping Sertoma create even more stories like this one, please make a donation to Sertoma’s Annual Fund! You have the power to give even more children the gift of sound by making a donation online.


Lydia (left) examines tactile crafts while using noise minimizing headphones, while Anchor student Rylan (right) receives a sticker in a outdoor learning lab. 

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  • Frances Owens says:

    Thank you very much for your support of Anchor Center! You are truly changing the lives of so many young children and their families and helping to lay a solid foundation for a bright future!

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