2017 Club Development Workshops

January 1, 2017

The Secret to Recruiting and Retaining Members, Volunteers and Donors

It’s not a secret, really. All that is involved is understanding three simple principles, and these will allow you to overcome the barriers to people’s time and money.

Why – People want to know the difference their time and money
will make – it has to be important to them. So, the difference that
your club makes in the community has to be clear, meaningful
and measureable.

Engaging Communication – People spend a lot of time today
screening out communication. To help get past the infamous
screen, you need engaging communication that will allow them
to identify with your why. Stories are one example of this type of
communication, but it is not the only skill you need.

Don’t Waste Time or Money – People will consider giving you time
and money if they know about your why. But if you waste these
valuable resources, people will find another group to support. We
need to understand from their perspective what is considered a
waste and what has value.

How do you learn these principles and how do you apply them
in your club and community? The answer is simple, and can be
summed up in three words— Club Development Workshops

This year, Sertoma will be bringing a specialized one-day event to 12 areas around the country. These workshops will focus on the development of leadership skills.

Clubs are invited to bring a team of at least four to learn and practice these principles. Once understood, with a little practice and skill development, you and your club can become the masters of recruiting and retention. 

The workshop focuses on the specific leadership skills and knowledge that are critical to all community groups. Regardless of your community size or club sponsorship, this one-day event is the answer to turning your club around, or taking it to the next level. The areas are approximately a 300-mile diameter circle around the host city, keeping the longest drive down to 2 to 2.5 hours. 

Registration costs are based only on food, beverages and insurance. The cost of registration is $30. Below are the 12 areas and host cities. Register here!

Area Site Cities, Dates, Locations, Lead Trainers

1 Fargo, North Dakota, April 22, 2017 – Kelly Inn and Suites, Tommy Brush
2 Fort Dodge, Iowa April 1, 2017 – Iowa Central Community College, Nancy Voiland

3 Denver, Colorado April 29, 2017 – Lowery Conference Center, Vicki Highstreet
4 Beatrice, Nebraska May 6, 2017 – Southeastern Community College, Duane Gritzmaker
5 Champaign, Illinois April 29, 2017 (date change)Hawthorn Suites, Nancy Voiland
6 Mansfield, Ohio March 18, 2017 – NC State College, Carol Moore
7 Allentown, Pennsylvania April 8, 2017 – Hilton Garden Airport, Carol Moore
8 Charlotte, North Carolina April 1, 2017 – Hilton Garden Inn, Duane Gritzmaker
9 Lutz, Florida March 25, 2017 – Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Tim Hazel
10 Montgomery, Alabama April 1, 2017 – Hilton Garden East Chase, Vicki Highstreet (Cancelled)
11 Waco, Texas March 18, 2017 – Hampton Inn South, Tommy Brush (Cancelled)
12 Las Vegas, Henderson Nevada April 22, 2017 – Hampton Inn Airport Trainer, Tim Hazel


  • Julie Andries says:

    I am in the Lafayette LA Club. It seems the two closest are Waco TX and Montgomery AL which are about 6 -61/2 hours each. Will there be more the throughout the year that may be closer or can we go to any of them that we choose?

    • Merritt Whitley says:

      Hi Julie,

      Great question. At this time, there will not be any more events added to this particular list. Therefore, we would suggest choosing any of the locations above that work best for you. However, next year, more locations will be added! (We do not have these available at this time.) Stay tuned!

      I hope this answers your question. Please let us know if you have any others.

      Sertoma Inc.

  • Liston Pearson says:

    When will reg. Forms be ready for Charlotte?

    • Merritt Whitley says:

      Hi Liston,

      Online registrations for all of the workshops will open February 13th. An email will be sent February 21st to invite members to register. We hope to see you there!

      Sertoma Inc.

  • Greg says:

    Contact Greg Anderson plz re: the Denver meet

  • Marty McCaslin says:

    Is there a registration form to be filled out? What is the starting time and completion time? Specific information that w e can share will be appreciated.

    • Merritt Whitley says:

      Hi Marty,

      Great question. Registration for the Club Leadership Workshops will be available beginning Feb. 13 at midnight on the Sertoma website. The registration cost will be $30. Additional information and reminders will be coming soon. Stay tuned! We can’t wait to see you there.

      Sertoma Inc.

  • Jan Dougan says:

    How will this training compare to the training of last year?

  • Nancy Humphries says:

    Which Hampton Inn near the airport in Las Vegas? There are 2 close to that location.

    • Merritt Whitley says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Your question has been sent to Sertoma’s Executive Director, and he will be contact with you to verify the location. Thanks for taking interest!

      Sertoma Inc.

  • Chuck Wilson says:

    Sumter Sertoma will be in attendance for the Leadership team meeting in Charlotte.

  • Chuck Wilson says:

    Sumter Sertoma will be in attendance. Charlotte is the prime location for both the Carolinas.

  • Bruce Tingle says:

    Is Charlotte near the majority of NC/SC chapters?

    • Merritt Whitley says:

      Hi Bruce,

      Yes. Every location was strategically selected with the purpose to ensure that as many people as possible in the area could attend. We hope to see you there!

  • Bob Foster says:

    Carlisle Area Sertoma Club will be in Allentown for the 2017 Leadership team meeting.
    Bob Foster

    • Merritt Whitley says:

      Great news, Bob! We are looking forward to it, and we hope you are too.

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