2018 Convention Follow Up

February 27, 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended Sertoma’s national convention in Kansas City this year! We hope you found the workshops resourceful and informative. If you or your club are interested in additional training sessions, be sure to register for a Club Development Workshop.

For those of you who did not attend this year, below are some of the individuals who were recognized. Please help us congratulate Sertoma’s deserving award winners!

Sertoman of the Year (SOTY) 
Ron Luebben

Regional SOTY Award Winners
Melissa James – Allegheny/Canada
Gail Noland Dowell – Atlantic Coast
Adah Ellenbrock – Great Lakes
Carla Glynn – Great Plains
Eric Claspill – Heart of America
Ron Luebben – Mountain West
Susan Logan – Southeastern/Caribbean

Service to Mankind (STM)
Tony March

Regional STM Winners
Christine Crawford – Allegheny/Canada
Rev. Deacon Leslie Horvath – Atlantic Coast
Rev. Charles R. Harrison – Great Lakes
Pepe Rierro – Great Plains
Justin Mullins – Heart of America
Lisa Bates – Mountain West
Tony March – Southeastern/Caribbean

Presidential Lifetime Service Awards
Gerald “Jerry” Dingels
Edwin “Eddie D.” Dlugopolski
Beatrice Gabany
John Kerr
Debbie Larsen
Al Shomaker
Holly Walls

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