2019 Convention Recap

May 1, 2019

Convention had no shortage of energy, passion or enthusiasm this year! The future of the organization is brighter than ever as we continue working on the implementation of Vision 2020.

Thank you to everyone who traveled and participated this year. We hope to see your smiling faces again soon. For a quick recap of important news and announcements, please see below.

Award Winners

(* indicates national winner)

Sertoman of the Year
Doug Suereth – Allegheny Canada
*Donald Bartelmay – Atlantic Coast
Sara Krumme – Great Lakes
Douglas English – Great Plains
Stephanie Bunten – Heart of America
Patricia ‘Pat’ White – Mountain West
Bill Clark – Southeastern/Caribbean

Service to Mankind
Mickey Minnich – Allegheny Canada
Jean Tulli – Atlantic Coast
Marci Harbage – Great Lakes
Craig McMillan – Great Plains
Jerry Hudgins – Heart of America
Sister Libby Fernandez – Mountain West
*Wade Thomas – Southeastern/Caribbean

New Leadership Introductions

National Board
President: John Kelly, Lillington, North Carolina
President Elect: Joy Newman, Tucson, Arizona
Senior Vice President: Darryl Ching, Honolulu, Hawaii
Junior Vice President: Gretchen Nielsen, Wichita Falls, Texas
Treasurer: Bea Gabany, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Secretary: Aaron Ensminger, Kansas City, Missouri
Caleb Kershaw, Director At Large (1-year term)
Susan Love, Director At Large (3-year term)

Executive Director
Aaron Ensminger

Vison 2020

Multiple training sessions discussed the purpose, goals and work of each new role in Vision 2020. Why does each role exist? What value does this bring to the organization?

  • Communication Specialist: To strengthen and bring value to the relationship between Sertoma and its clubs/members through timely and accurate communication.

  • Mission Specialist – To grow Sertoma’s mission through greater engagement of clubs and members in the Annual Fund, and other shared philanthropic and service activities.

  • Training and Support Specialist – To support and strengthen the skills of community leaders and members, so that they are able generate more positive outcomes in their community.

These new roles will work to ensure that clubs have the resources they need as well as a direct conduit back to the National level of Sertoma to get training, information, and anything else they need to help advance our mission.

New technology called “Zoom” was introduced as a tool to help streamline communication and conference calling. In addition, presentations about recruitment, hearing health, programs and relationship building were also provided.

Many members asked questions about finances, merchandise and more. For those who still have questions, please ask! Sertoma headquarters can be reached at 816.333.8300 or infosertoma@sertomahq.org.

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  • Roger Donato says:

    Best wishes to the new officers especially to Joy who has been a good friend and hard working Sertoman.

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