2021 Elections

Aaron Ensminger, CAE

February 9, 2021

It’s election season again! This year we’ll be continuing the ability to vote either online or via paper ballot, as we did in 2020. Here’s the 2021 wrinkle: Your Regional Director races will be decided on the same ballot as your National questions!

Heart of America, Allegheny/Canada and Atlantic Coast regions all will elect a new Regional Director this year, and you’ll see any races in which you’re eligible to vote when you log in!

The online voting process is just like last year. Remember, user profiles must be set up and accessible prior to the opening day of voting. Make sure your profile is created and you know your password no later than noon on March 26 so you are set and ready to vote on March 29!

Not sure if you have created a username before? Lost your password? Do you remember voting online before or creating a profile, but just can’t recall your username? Never fear! Assistance is only as far away as your keyboard. CLICK HERE and follow the steps for each of these situations.

When you receive your Sertoma Digest in the mail in late March, you’ll find a ballot that you can tear out and send in. We’ll be counting both online and paper ballots together. Entries for Regional Directors will be included on all of this year’s paper ballots, but only vote for a Regional Director if they are in your region. (we’ll be using postal codes as a failsafe to ensure no extraneous votes are counted).

Your mailed ballot must fit the following criteria:

  • Your ballot must be mailed directly to Sertoma HQ, with “ballot” clearly marked on the outside. (Each ballot must be mailed separately.) The mailing address is: 1912 E. Meyer Blvd. Kansas City, Missouri, 64132.
  • Your member number must be written on the front of the envelope.
  • You must sign across the flap of the envelope after it’s sealed.
  • Your ballot must be postmarked by April 12.
  • A mail-in ballot sent in by someone who has also voted online will be discarded.

Your club voting process will not change. Ballots will be mailed at the beginning of March to all clubs.

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  • Nancy Humphries says:

    Thanks for the information about how we will be voting this year. I’ll put this link in our weekly club news so members have an extra reminder.

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