Annual Fund Changes

July 10, 2019

We are excited about the changes the Board has made to the 2019-2020 Annual Fund recognition levels!  With the exception of the Fellow Level change last year, there have been no changes since the 1960s.  This means that the 100% club gift of $25 per member given in the 1960s is now equivalent to $200 today.

One of the biggest changes you may notice is that a new recognition level of $250 called the Patron level has been added. This level is now available to both clubs and individuals. For individuals, the gift giving level ranges between $250 and $499, and individuals will receive a Fellow pin and a new Patron tab. Clubs becoming a 100% Patron Club will receive a medallion, and each member will receive a Fellow pin and Patron tab.

In addition, the Board added a Sustaining Members program. Members can now set up a monthly gift amount, which can be taken directly from their credit card. This makes it easier to donate to the Annual Fund by automatically removing funds and breaking up monthly payments. This helps us plan funding levels and saves us the expense of mailing out monthly pledge forms. Of course, you can still pledge and mail a gift in by check, but this new option allows you to save on postage.

The Board has been listening to your club’s feedback as well, and a brand new recognition level for clubs hosting CELEBRATE SOUND events has been added below.

Our hope is that our Annual Fund recognition level changes will help us continue to recognize our members all while increasing the amount of grants and scholarships we provide each year!

If you have questions about the following changes, please email staff at

Club Recognition levels

  • Early Bird Club-$25 per member before December 1st (receive medallion)
  • 100% Club-$25 per member after December 1st (receive medallion)
  • 100% Fellow Club-$125 per member (receive medallion and each member receives a Fellow Pin)
  • 100% Patron Club- $250 per member (receive medallion and members receives a Fellow Pin with a tab)
  • Benefactor-$500 (receive medallion)
  • Sponsor-$1000 (receive medallion)

Individual Recognition levels

  • Freshman Fellow- $125 within the first year of membership (receive a Freshman Fellow pin and Fellow pin)
  • Fellow-$125 (receive a Fellow pin)
  • Patron-$250 (receive a Fellow pin and tab)
  • Benefactor-$500 (receive a Fellow pin and tab)
  • Sponsor-$1000 (receive a Fellow pin and tab)
  • (All levels can be achieved into pledge payments)

Sustaining Member (Monthly Givers)

  • Sustaining Fellow-Monthly gift between $11 and $20 (receive a Fellow pin and tote bag)
  • Sustaining Patron-Monthly gift between $21 and $40 (receive a Fellow pin, tab, and tote bag)
  • Sustaining Benefactor-Monthly gift between $41 and $84 (receive a Fellow pin, tab, and tote bag)
  • Sustaining Sponsor-Monthly gift between $85 and above (receive a  Fellow pin and tab and tote bag)
  • (All would receive pins, tabs and gift near the beginning of each fiscal year)

Mission Partner Recognition Levels

Hosting a CELEBRATE SOUND earning:

  • $5,000 to $9,999 Copper Level (receive medallion with level)
  • $10,000 to $24,999 Bronze Level (receive medallion with level)
  • $25,000 to $49,000 Silver Level (receive medallion with level)
  • $50,000 to $99,000 Gold Level (receive medallion with level)
  • $100,000 and above Platinum Level (receive medallion with level)


  • Chuck Wilson says:

    This new program affords members as well as clubs to reevaluate their commitment to Sertoma. This has something comfortable for every budget. Bold new initiatives on the horizon.

  • Brian Riegel says:

    Bud, I would like to respond to your comment. I truly like the fact that you are thinking into Sertoma’s future. You are correct, some younger people do not focus on the pin and patches as recognition for their donations and volunteer service. We are making these changes because we are listening to our current donors, so we as an organization can strengthen the Annual Fund now, so we have a strong mission to leave to the next generations of Sertomans. I would support a future board completely restructuring the Annual Fund recognition to meet the need of their current members and donors. We as an organization should be constantly changing to meet the need of our members, donors and the communities we serve.

  • Cheryl Cherny says:

    It is exciting to see the new recognition levels.

  • Bud Osborn says:

    Are we forgetting that Millenniums don’t get excited with things like these pins. I have ties to three different groups that have dropped their pin program.

  • Cheryl Pence says:

    I’m happy to see the recognition levels for the clubs hosting CELEBRATE SOUND events!

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