Are You Receiving the Emails You Need?

By Janice Martin, Sertoma Staff (Mission Development/Program Services)

November 20, 2019

Let’s talk about whitelists.

Communication is the best way to build strong relationships—the two-way kind that provides all parties with the opportunity to share and the opportunity to listen.

Did you know the same is true with email? Emails can be sent to any Sertoman with an email address on file. Your email IS on file, you say? You aren’t getting the Sertoma News? Say it ain’t so! Let’s look at one of the reasons emails from Sertoma may not be coming through.

Email service providers try hard to protect their customers by building spam filters and actively searching for junk mail. Sometimes, it’s awesome and keeps unwanted emails out of your Inbox—sometimes it blocks emails you really want to see.

If you have confirmed your contact information is correct with Sertoma, but you aren’t getting our newsletters, the solution may be just a few clicks away! By working with your email service provider to “whitelist” Sertoma, the emails sent will have a much better chance of navigating through any filters that are in effect.

Check out this list of how to whitelist Sertoma with the most common email service providers and get the conversation started!

As always, if you have questions, or if your email address needs to be updated, please contact us at 816.333.8300.

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