Become an Advocate for Hearing Health

December 14, 2016

A Sound Investment promotes looping in public forums to provide clear, understandable sounds for those with hearing assistive devices. Advocating for public looping means more opportunities for individuals who suffer from hearing loss to enjoy normal social outings that many take for granted. By being an advocate for looping, you are breaking the barriers that many Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals face on a daily basis.

How can you be an advocate for looping? Speak with local organizations in your area that may have an interest in looping. Need funding? Hold a fundraiser to help with the costs to implement a looping system. At Sertoma Headquarters, CELEBRATE SOUND® is a great way to raise funds and advance looping in your community, while still helping the organization.

For more information on looping, contact Chris at, and for more information on CELEBRATE SOUND®, contact Janice at

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