Building Bridges and Increasing Growth

October 16, 2017

Building bridges defines the work we need to secure the future of Sertoma. Our future requires us to build bridges in new communities. We must engage people and organizations in new ways to develop the volunteers, donors and members to expand our hearing health mission. Our future requires us to build a bridge to our current members and clubs, so that we can support their work to develop the human and financial resources needed to expand their local sponsorships. This is the work we have undertaken in our Vision 2020 Plan.

To see that happen, there is one more bridge we must build. It is a bridge of time to support these efforts. Changes in our society have made increasing membership a challenge. As member dues and gifts represent 90 percent of our revenues, we need to develop other revenue sources. We also need time to develop these sources, as we continue work to stabilize our membership that has been shrinking since the early 1990’s.

The dues increase proposed by the Board can provide the time we need to build that bridge to our future. It will give our members and the Board time to strengthen and diversify our revenues across all levels of Sertoma. This is the first dues increase in seven years, and is projected to take us forward another three, maybe more if we are successful in our efforts.

The proposed dues increase is $5 a quarter for individuals and $175 annually for clubs. This makes total dues $100 and $350 respectfully. In preparation for this request, the Board and staff have worked to assure that we have looked at every possible way of saving in our expenses. At this time, we have to focus on our effort to increase revenue. Both through our members, and a dues increase. We will create a balance by raising and expanding our efforts to engage new people and organizations in our fundraising and philanthropy.

The 2% Solution

(Please note the 2% will likely change, as we are working on the actual percentage.)

We all know about the 1% from the banter of politicians and pundits. Though most of us will never be part of that 1%, what about becoming part of Sertoma’s 2%? Who are they you ask? The 2% are a select group of clubs that are growing. They are clubs that continue to find ways to increase membership or revenues.

Who are these people, and how do they make that happen? Well, Sertoma has looked at these clubs, other service clubs and volunteer groups that are growing, and we know the secret. It’s not really a secret, it’s about work that is not being understood, or let’s be honest, not getting done. The good news is we can help your club become part of the 2%.

This is the purpose of the Club Development Workshops (CDWs), to provide you with the “secret” to growing. These one-day intensive workshops will walk a team of club members through all steps that result in growth. By the end of the day, you will have defined a plan for the issues to address, the work to be done, and the support you need to make it happen.

If your club is not growing, if your club does not want to quietly fade away, then make a plan and commitment to attend a Club Development Workshop in the spring of 2018. Sertoma is here to work with you to make it happen. Click here and complete the CDW survey. Work with other clubs and governors in your area to secure a date for your CDW!

Do you have questions?  Call Sertoma at 816.333.8300 and discus with staff how to get started in building your club’s future!

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  • John E Brunk, Region Secretary says:

    When will information about the change from a Geocentric to a strategic organization as well as the change in the District and Region organizations be included in the Vision 2020 Plan?

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