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Virtual Meetings Are Here To Stay

Six months ago, many of us had no clue what someone meant when they said they had a Zoom meeting to attend. Today, it’s become the newest version of Band-Aid® versus adhesive bandage. Zoom has become more than a brand name, it’s come to represent video conferencing even for those conducted with a different app.

Sertoma staff and clubs have all put Zoom to good use over the past few months as a way to stay in touch, connect with friends, and conduct business, all while staying safe during this pandemic. Training on our national Zoom account was included last year at convention for the board and specialists’ use,

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Updates from the Executive Director

In turbulent times, we often look to our places of belonging. For lots of us, Sertoma is that place, and we’re honored to be just that for so many of you.

With that in mind, I’ve been trying to let other people talk in this space, but if you’ve met me, you know how difficult it is for me to stay quiet for very long. There’s so much to talk about!

First off, so many of you are using Zoom and other virtual means to meet… I love seeing your gallery screenshots! Keep posting them and sending them in!

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When Is It Safe to Start Meeting Again?

We know that many of our clubs are eager to begin meeting again. We miss our service to others, we miss our stewardship, and perhaps most of all, we miss each other! 

As your club begins to consider returning to “normal” by resuming in-person meetings, we encourage you to consider the following:

  • Follow all meeting guidelines and laws from the Center for Disease Control, as well as state and local government and health agencies. It’s important to make sure that your club is in compliance with allrecommendations. If you are not sure what’s in effect in your area,

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Changes for Our 2020 National Convention

Monday night, the Sertoma Board of Directors held a conference call to discuss the upcoming National Convention. The health and safety of our members is our highest priority. In addition, it’s highly likely that local guidelines will not allow gatherings of our size. As a result, we have decided not to hold an in-person convention in 2020. Sertoma staff will issue refunds for all registrations to this point. Please call the InterContinental Hotel at (855) 516-1093 to cancel your reservations. 

However, we are excited to announce that we will instead be holding a Virtual Convention on Saturday,

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Volunteering from Home

Like me, I know many Sertomans are wanting to help people in this challenging time.  We want to be of SERVICE TO MANKIND but are stuck in our houses.  It can be difficult to find ways to help people while maintaining social distance.  The wonderful news is there are many ways to help people around the country and around the world, without leaving our house.

I have found twenty-nine different places with very diverse volunteer opportunities, that you as an individual or as a club can volunteer and make a difference.  There are sites that you can help a student make sound career decisions,

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Headquarters Updates in the age of COVID-19

After some correspondence with members over the past couple of days, it occurs to me that I haven’t updated everyone in quite some time! My apologies… I’ve been so head down with the day-to-day, I’ve neglected these updates! There’s a lot to get to, so let’s jump right into it!

First, I want to thank everyone who voted in Sertoma’s recent elections/ballot question. And special congratulations to Renee Ward and Cindy Markham on their elections to the National Board! The individual member dues question was approved, and that money will be extremely helpful in first, easing the operational deficit your HQ has been operating with,

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Club Meetings: Pandemic Style

These days it’s hard to watch the news or scroll through Facebook without hearing someone mention Zoom. While it’s only one of many video conferencing tools available, it seems to have become the most talked about. As we continue to keep our distance amid the COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing is bridging the physical gap and allowing us to safely socialize in all areas of our daily lives using what had been a corporate tool. Even the Sertoma staff is using Zoom for staff meetings!

So why talk about Zoom here on the Sertoma website? Because Sertoma has a business account with Zoom that is used by the board,

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Club Learning Doesn’t Have to Stop When You Can’t Meet

During their third quarter calls to clubs, Communications Specialists found out what you – club leadership and members – wanted in regards to Sertoma training. Thanks to your feedback, we are hard at work developing new educational content that you can enjoy from a distance.

However, you don’t have to make your learning experience a solo one! Our brief video trainings (usually no longer than 10 minutes a piece) are prime material for a virtual board or club meeting. Just send out the link ahead of time so that participants can view the selected training; then, with a few prepared talking points and a moderator,

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Changes Coming to Member Directory

Need to get a phone number for someone in your club? Curious who the club presidents are in your region? Trying to find someone you met at convention but can only remember their last name? Soon you’ll be able to answer all of these questions with the simple click of a button!

Beginning July 1, Sertoma will make its online member directory available to all members through the Member Center. The Sertoma Board passed this change in January to make communication easier between members across the country. The directory has historically been available to only club presidents, secretaries and treasurers. 

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20 Recruiting Tips for 2020!

What’s on your club’s to-do list for 2020? Maybe you are thinking about launching a new community service project or giving your flagship event a complete makeover. You might be thinking about developing a robust slate of speakers for the year or seeking out new sponsors.

No matter what your plans are, there is one resolution that should be on everyone’s list: recruiting new members. This can certainly be a challenge, but making membership growth a top priority is critical to ensuring your club has a future.

Here are 20 tips to help your recruitment efforts be successful in 2020:

  1. Build a list of potential members at a club meeting.

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Find a Club and Take a Selfie!

Whether the goal is growing membership, raising funds for service-related endeavors, marketing an event, or finding new connections within your local community, it has become clear in recent years that a solid web presence is vital. This is true for Sertoma at the national level, the club level, and even at the member level.

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2017 Convention Follow Up

It was great seeing everyone at Convention this year. For those who missed out, don’t worry, we’ll catch you up on a few key details!  Find out who joined the Board(s) and won some of the year’s biggest awards.

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I’m Proud to Be a Sertoman

At the 2015 annual Convention, we asked our members to share their Sertoma stories. The people they’ve helped, relationships they’ve made, and the lives they’ve changed. The result was two days of inspirational storytelling and a great many tears of joy.

When you help others, your life is affected as well. Through these stories our members painted of picture of why they are proud to be a Sertoman.

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I Can Make a Difference

Ask a Sertoman to share their most rewarding experience as a member of our organization and get this response: Just one story? As if we could stop at one.

At the 2015 annual Convention, we asked our members to share their Sertoma stories. The people they’ve helped, relationships they’ve made, and the lives they’ve changed. The result was two days of inspirational storytelling and a great many tears of joy.

Get a glimpse of just a few of these stories, and watch for many more to come.

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2016-2017 Board Openings

Are you looking to become involved in Sertoma at the national level? There are three board openings for 2016-2017: Two Directors-At-Large (2 & 3 Year Term) and one Vice President. Being involved at the club and district levels are great ways to prepare for the National level. If you are ready to fulfill the responsibility of the future of Sertoma please consider running for a Board member position.

Advice from current and past Board members on what it means to be on the National Board:

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10,000+ Sertomans’ Stories. Endless Possibilities.

At our last National Convention our focus was on Story Telling. Not just any story but our story. We heard how important it is to tell our story so that others become interested in Sertoma. So I thought this would be easy. I had two great ideas but which one to pick. So here goes…

How many of you have had your hearing checked and it was fine? Then you have it checked again and find out it isn’t. I started by having my hearing checked at a regional convention. I thought I had done a good job and was very surprised when they indicated I should see a professional.

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Start Working On Your Club Budget

About this time each year clubs should be putting their budget together for the next year. The club treasurer puts together a preliminary budget that should be voted upon before July 1, 2015. When drafting the budget it is important to reflect on the mission of the club and to set goals for the year that fulfill the mission.

As a member of a club, some tips you should consider for the budget:
  • Who are your club sponsorships?
  • How much does the club give each year?
  • Are we supporting Sertoma’s Hearing Health programs?

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The Next Chapter of Sertoma Service and Philanthropy

Do you want others to join you in Sertoma service and philanthropy?

There is once upon a time, stories of the good old days. There is also, once upon a time, imaginative stories where anything seems possible. Our future requires that we embrace both aspects of once upon a time.

Do you want others to join you in Sertoma service and philanthropy? Then you need to share your Sertoma story.  It is not a story of what you did, but of how helping others made you feel. People want good feelings in their life. If you have a story that touches them,

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The most often asked question in Sertoma is “How do we get people to join?” The answer to that is depends on the more important question of “Why, why does your club exists?” In asking someone to join the club, volunteer for service, or donate you are asking them to share in your why. Identifying a strong, compelling connection to your why is how you get people to join or be involved.

The same is true if your club is struggling with a lack of energy and enthusiasm. Are the current members excited and engaged with the club’s why?

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