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2018-19 Communicative Disorders Scholarship

Bailey Simon is no stranger to the medical field as she’s witnessed firsthand how dedicated and educated professionals can change a person’s life. In fact, her desire to become an audiologist was sparked by seeing her father survive and experience a medical miracle.

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2018-19 Hard of Hearing or Deaf Scholarship

Growing up with hearing loss had its fill of challenges for Ryan Blobe, an all-American student-athlete and Wisconsin medical student. Thanks to Sertoma’s scholarship, he is now able to worry about one less hurdle—paying for part of his education and dream.

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2016-2017 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Scholarship

When Miranda Scott was 18 months old, her parents found out she was deaf. Although she cannot hear in her right ear, with a hearing aid, she can hear around 50% of sound in her left.

For now, Miranda focuses on enjoying the sounds she can hear, as audiologists believe she will eventually become deaf in both ears.

Miranda is currently attending the University of North Florida, and with the help of Sertoma’s scholarship is obtaining a degree in Psychology. She is expected to graduate in May of 2021 and intends to use her education and skills for the greater good.

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2015-16 Sertoma Grant Recipient Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital (JHACH)

Can you imagine being a parent and having the opportunity to experience your child’s hearing loss through simulation technology? Or having access to the best hearing health professionals, top-of-the-line equipment and counseling services?

For over 50 years the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital (JHACH) and Sertoma have been working together to create a healthier hearing world and future for those with hearing loss.

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2015-16 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Scholarship Recipient

Her dream was to become an actress; to thrive and glow in the bright dazzling city of New York. But after experiencing difficulties with her hearing loss in the industry,  she decided to pursue a new dream with a little help from Sertoma.

Douglas was born with normal hearing, but began to lose hers in her early 20’s. She was diagnosed with otosclerosis induced hearing loss, and despite two left ear surgeries and hearing aids, communication was still difficult… especially on stage.

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Carson Valley Sertoma Scholarships Support Aspiring Students

Slowly transitioning into a new chapter of life is an outcome that looks different for everyone. For those graduating from high school, figuring out “what’s next” can be a process that requires time, effort and assistance.

Bob Centanni, a member of Sertoma for 20 years, created and began managing the Book Scholarship program in 1994. This scholarship program is one of the many ways that the Carson Valley Sertoma Club, of Carson Valley, Nevada, has positively and collectively impacted the youth in its community.

The scholarships are designed to help local high school graduates pursue their dream of attending a four year university by reducing the costs of books,

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Sertoma Scholar Joins Organization to Give Back

Elizabeth Quinley, a 21-year-old, bright eyed scholar from Visalia, California, moved to Springfield, Missouri, to pursue her dream of helping others, and to achieve a higher education.

One of the biggest reasons Quinley moved to Springfield was because she had been selected to receive several scholarships, including three very special scholarships from Sertoma.

When Quinley was three-years-old, she was diagnosed with bilateral moderate mix hearing loss, and attended speech therapy shortly after.  At the age of four, she was provided with her first set of hearing aids, which allowed her to communicate and hear for the first time.

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Nashville Sertoma Freedom Essay Contest Furthers Education

Freedom. The ability to make our own choices, and pave an independent path. High school students all over the country are faced with the difficult decision of determining their own path after graduation. In order to assist students in both their future and educational endeavors, the Nashville Sertoma Club, of Nashville, Tennessee, created a unique contest.

The Freedom Essay Contest, established in 1961, was designed to provide high school students with the opportunity to write essays for college scholarships.

The contest is specifically designed to financially assist high school seniors in pursuing a higher education after graduation.

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Sertoma Scholarship Winner Hears His True Calling

As Jackson Maddox showcased his acting skills at Keokuk High School in Keokuk, Iowa, his nervous butterflies began to flutter rapidly. Stage fright, and opening night jitters tend to be relatively common and natural feelings for performers.

Ideally, all performers want to see their long hours of preparation and hard work shine through on show night. Jackson, despite his significant hearing loss, and nerves, was always determined to do his absolute best on stage regardless of the circumstances.

His ambitious personality, and determination, eventually became the biggest reasons why Jackson Maddox was selected to receive the Hard of Hearing Deaf Scholarship from Sertoma in 2012-2013.

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