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Hearing Health Seminar Inspires in Surprising Ways

Do you remember the last time you felt inspired to make a change in your life? At times, inspiration can be purely unpredictable. It can stem from a story, person or even an event. For 73-year-old Sertoma member, Buzz Lewis, it just happened to be all three.

It all started with a hearing health seminar that took place September 26, 2016. Each month, the Lexington Medical Center, in Lexington, South Carolina, provides free educational health seminars for the community. In September, the Lexington Sertoma Club teamed up with the hospital to feature hearing health as its spotlight topic of the month.

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Norfolk Sertoma’s Largest Donation Advances Hearing Research

Can you imagine a world where sound could be heard by all who wanted to hear? Anyone who desired to experience the melodic sounds of music and nature could have the chance without complica

Fortunately, due to medical research and breakthroughs in the industry, combined with the support and generosity of passionate individuals, this scenario is not entirely far from becoming a reality.

In June of 2015, the Norfolk Sertoma Club made its largest gift to date, which funded a temporal bone research lab at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS).

The $150,000 donation helped fund the lab’s eight training stations,

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Sertoma and Delta Zeta Sponsor Special Trip for Students

Do you remember your favorite subject growing up? Was it art, history or government? Can you imagine a field trip that would be able to turn all three subjects into a memorable adventure?

Believe it or not, the Mansfield Sertoma Club of Mansfield Ohio, and the Delta Zeta Sorority of Ashland University, teamed up to provide students with a very special, yet educational day encompassing all three subjects.

Each year, the Mansfield Sertoma Club and Delta Zeta Sorority plan around 3-4 trips for the students attending the Mansfield public schools in order to help them learn and explore the community.

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Sertoma Empowers Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth Baseball Players

Every child growing up has unique dreams and aspirations. For some children, these dreams can range anywhere from becoming a fearless fireman, to an ambitious astronaut or a legendary hall of fame baseball player.

For Deaf and Hard of Hearing children in Denver, Colorado, the LoDo Field of Dreams Sertoma Club hosted a special camp to help train and encourage the dreams of children within its community.

This year, the LoDo Field of Dreams Sertoma Club held its 20th annual Denver Field of Dreams baseball camp July 9-10 at the Regency Athletic Complex Baseball Field in Denver,

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Sertoma Club @ the Villages Hosts Annual Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth Baseball Camp

The game of baseball is a classic and historical part of American history. For many children growing up, the hot summer days at the ball park become lifelong lessons and memories.

Unfortunately, for Deaf or Hard of Hearing children there are not always an unlimited amount of opportunities to learn or play baseball in a group setting.

However, thanks to groups such as the Sertoma Club @ the Villages, no child will ever feel left out at the ball field. Each year, The Sertoma Club @ the Villages hosts its annual Sertoma Fantasy Baseball Camp, for Deaf and Hard of Hearing boys and girls.

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Brainerd Sertoma Club Supports Student Trip to Gallaudet

What would you do if you were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore a new city, culture and way of life? For the American Sign Language Clubs of Central Lakes College and Brainerd High School of Brainerd, Minnesota, this question was turned into a reality.

In March 2016, 40 enthusiastic and adventurous students journeyed to the infamous Gallaudet University, in Washington D.C. This trip was supported and partially funded by the Brainerd Sertoma Club, and was designed to help students practice and expand their American Sign Language (ASL) skills.

Gallaudet University is the only Deaf liberal arts university in the world,

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Festive Event Promotes Sertoma’s Programs and Mission

Vibrant colors, smiling faces and unique custom table designs were more than plentiful this year at the 2016 Festival of Tables in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

This bright and festive event was designed as a way to showcase a variety of different ways to decorate and embellish tables using plates, silverware and other various types of décor. The event was designed to raise money for Active Generations, the Sioux Falls Senior Center.

Lisa Howard, the program director of Active Generations, recently visited one of the Minnehaha Sertoma Club’s meetings and had mentioned she was planning to host an event called the Festival of Tables in March 2016.

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Custom Hearing Aid Donation Changes Child’s Life

For months, five-year-old Sophia was beginning to distance herself socially in school. She became shy, timid and was having difficulty communicating. It wasn’t until she took a test, that her family and teachers soon realized there was more to the story.

The Sioux City Noon Sertoma Club first learned about Sophia and her story from a local audiologist named Mike Sloniker.  Sloniker has been an audiologist for 25 years, and owns Siouxland Hearing Healthcare, a private practice in Sioux City, Iowa. Throughout the years, he has formed a close professional relationship with the Sioux City Noon Sertoma Club,

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Sertoma’s Unique Library Donation Helps Deaf Students

“Once upon a time, in a faraway land…” Does this sound familiar to you at all?

Often times it is the beginning of a story, a magical adventure with a realm full of endless possibilities.  For children growing up, stories tend to become an interactive way to connect with the people around them.  Unfortunately, for students in the deaf community, storytelling with their friends and family is not always as simple, due to language barriers.

Recently, the Kansas City Sertoma Club, of Kansas City, Missouri, donated $5,000 to the Kansas School for the Deaf (KSD) to help fund a specialized online library.

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Minot Sertoma Club Gives the Gift of Music

Music is arguably one of life’s sweetest indulgences.  It is endlessly versatile, and has the amazing ability to bring people together. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it can also drive people apart under the right circumstances.

For example, can you imagine attending your favorite concert, and not being able to hear the music or interact with the people around you? It would be incredibly difficult, depressing and isolating.

In order to prevent anyone from feeling this kind of isolation, the Minot Sertoma Club, of Minot North Dakota, set out on a mission to help spread music,

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Mat-Su Sertoma Plunge Jump for Hearing Health!

Friendly faces, the fresh scent of Alaskan air and people jumping into freezing water! Say goodbye to cabin fever, it’s getting wild in Wasilla, Alaska.

Almost 100 people signed up this year to participate in the eighth annual Mat-Su Sertoma Plunge. The event took place Feb. 27 at the Palmer Elks Lodge on Finger Lake.

Participants from all over the world were dressed head to toe in colorful costumes to help raise money for hearing health and the local community.

Sondra Kaplan, the president of the Mat-Su Sertoma Club, said that although the event requires a lot of preparation and hard work,

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Student Learning Amplified by Sertoma in Nebraska Elementary School

Roaring bulldozers, thundering drills and sounds of noisy construction filled the halls in a small and busy elementary school located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The 252 students attending Norwood Park Elementary School were placed in a difficult position. Although construction was temporary, students were unable to communicate effectively with their teachers due to the distracting environment. With no sufficient outlet or source of communication to help overcome the construction noise, both students and teachers struggled to hear and learn in the classroom.

The Lincoln Northeast Sertoma Club of Lincoln, Nebraska, quickly began to realize the severity of this problem and without hesitation became the solution.

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Sertoma’s Donation Improves Communication in South Carolina Community

Social events, both small and large, help create a sense of belonging and unity within communities. We may not always realize it, but at times, individuals with hearing loss can feel isolated, or left out during social events simply because of communication limitations.

Approximately 20% of Americans have hearing loss, and even those with hearing aids are not always able to understand or hear speech effectively in large group settings.

In order to compensate, and break down these communication barriers, specific types of technology called “hearing looping systems” are now being implemented into public vicinities to accommodate those that have hearing loss.

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