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Nola’s Sertoma Story

Nola Pollman’s grandson, Isaac, received bilateral cochlear implants simultaneously when he was 13 months old. He was the 8th person in the world to have this surgery.

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Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth Quinley, a three-time award winner of Sertoma’s Hard of Hearing or Deaf scholarship, spoke about her personal hearing health journey at Sertoma’s National Convention in April 2016. The scholarships Quinley received through Sertoma allowed her to pursue her dream of audiology, and inspired her to join the organization to continue giving back. Watch her story!

If you’d like to make a contribution to Sertoma’s Annual Fund and assist in helping students just like Elizabeth, please donate now!

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The Waitress

Meet Randy, Renee and Wayne from the Alamance County Sertoma Club. Listen as they tell the story of Susie, a waitress who suffered from hearing loss, and how their club and their community rallied together to help change the life of one special woman.

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