Call for Presentations – 2020 Sertoma National Convention

Come share your expertise and experience with your fellow Sertomans as a presenter at this year’s national convention!

Deadline: Submissions are due on or before February 1, 2020.

Programming Focus

We welcome topics of all areas related to Sertoma.


Session topics may be targeted to audiences at the individual member, club and/or national level.

Presentation Selection

All presentation proposals received on or before February 1, 2020, will be reviewed and selections determined on appropriateness and interest of topic, level of content, comprehensiveness of session objectives and expertise of presenter. Revision of proposal content may be requested prior to acceptance. Participation as a presenter is by invitation only after review of the proposal.


All presenters are required to submit their final presentation 30 business days prior to the convention for publication on These materials, as well as handouts, are always requested by attendees who need to reference presentations prior, during and after the convention.

Sertoma’s Non-commercial Policy

Participants are seeking valuable sessions and are always critical of presenters or sessions that are self-promotional. Sertoma policy therefore obliges presenters may not use a convention session for commercial sales pitches, self-promotion or unwarranted criticism of a competitor. Speakers are not permitted to distribute company promotional literature, brochures or sales materials in any form to attendees during their session.

Call for Presentations

  • ◙ Speaker Contact Information

  • ◙ Presentation Information

  • (10 words max)
  • (focus statement) - Please describe your session in THREE sentences; explaining session content and overall objective. This description should be creative and reflect of learner outcomes and session objectives.
  • List the instructional objectives (what the audience should know or be able to do as a result of the presentation). Please provide at least TWO.
  • Please indicate your proposed audience for this session.
  • Please indicate the closest representation of the presentation content structure.
  • Please select the closest representation of the proposed presentation format.
  • By entering my name below, I submit my presentation for consideration and will comply with Sertoma's responsibilities and non-commercial policy. (only signed submissions will be considered)