Changes Coming to Member Directory

Brandi McGrath Kong, Member Services

March 2, 2020

Need to get a phone number for someone in your club? Curious who the club presidents are in your region? Trying to find someone you met at convention but can only remember their last name? Soon you’ll be able to answer all of these questions with the simple click of a button!

Beginning July 1, Sertoma will make its online member directory available to all members through the Member Center. The Sertoma Board passed this change in January to make communication easier between members across the country. The directory has historically been available to only club presidents, secretaries and treasurers. 

The online directory Sertomans to search for current members and also national volunteers and club officers. Users will be able to search by first name, last name, nickname, city, state, position, region and/or club!

Members will be able to opt out of sharing their contact information at any time. Click here to update your contact information or preferences now.  


  • Paul Rosenberger says:

    I doubt having my contact email will become a “dating” site, but it might become a scam or advertising bonanza for somebody. But if it is protected with a hidden password it seems to be a good idea.

    • Brandi McGrath Kong says:

      Thanks for your comment, Paul! You have the option to log in and choose whatever fields you would like to keep private, including your email address.

  • Thomas E. Bruce says:


  • Nancy Humphries says:

    I looked at the display with the Click Here link to see what information is shown and how you can change your preferences. I see the club name and #, and the region name and #. Is there any way to include a club member’s Sertoma # in this information? That would make it easier to look up a member’s number in case it’s needed like for the upcoming elections. Since the member packet with the membership card showing the member # is sent directly to a new member now the club secretary has to order an updated roster from SI to get the numbers. Having it available on-line would save SI staff some work.

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