Changes Incoming!

By Aaron Ensminger, Executive Director

January 8, 2020

Happy New Year!

There’s a sense of anticipation happening around the organization, so I figured I’d take a few paragraphs to talk some about it!

First off, we’ve got a National Board meeting coming up in just a few days! There’s so much we’ll be discussing; I’m already excited to report the outcomes to you all after the meeting. We’re working a little differently at the moment, because we’ve got so much to do. We’ve had some great volunteers working on Task Forces, and these groups have had very specific asks from the National Board on some broader topics. They’ve been discussing and are bringing some recommendations back to this meeting for the Board to vote on. Just a few of the topics these task forces have been tackling:

  • Voting
  • Club Building
  • Meetings
  • A National Service Project

We’ve got eight different groups working right now, so there’s a lot for the Board to go over and discuss!

One other change is our office–if you haven’t been here–let me explain. We’ve got an upstairs that’s filled with stuff and that hasn’t housed any actual staff in years. The heat and air have been turned up, the internet is working, and we’ve been moving things around in an effort to get a few of us moved upstairs. This will keep staff members from having to share offices, and will also give us some co-working meeting space that we can use for projects, as well as giving the Hearing Aid Project its own space to actually house our hearing aid donations before they head off to be refurbished. With the work we need to get done every day, this has been a slow process, but we’re getting there!

Speaking of the work we do every day, we’re working hard on the sessions for Convention… watch for more of these to be announced very soon at:

I’ll be writing again soon to report outcomes from the Board Meeting, but I wanted to update everyone on a discussion that’s been going on about new member kits.

One of our initiatives from the Board level is ensuring that our members have a relationship with the National level of Sertoma. In an effort to do that, we’ve been communicating with members more from our office, and we’ve made a change to the New Member kits. Pins and Badges are still mailed to the clubs for presentation at a club meeting, but we’ve been mailing Sertoma information and Membership Certificates directly to members in an effort to let them know what we do at a National level.

What we didn’t realize is just how many clubs are using that new member kit information in inducting new members! As a result, we’re making all of that information available in one spot online so that if your club is using that information in any kind of way with new members, it’s available for easy access. You can find that information here:

We’ll also be communicating that in the Sertoma Insider (emailed to all club leadership) and in other publications.

Thanks so much for your understanding as I learn more and work to both fulfill the Board initiatives and preserve what’s great about Sertoma!!

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