Club COVID-19 Relief Grant

We care about our Sertomans. The Covid Relief Grant is a grant program designed to help support our clubs in the unprecedented time of COVID-19. Each club that had to cancel an ongoing fundraiser due to Covid-19 may apply.  Grants will be funded on a first come/first serve bases, with each grant being up to US $2,000 (Canadian Clubs will be awarded the Canadian dollar equivalent). The deadline to apply is September 30, 2020.


  1. Club must be in good standing at time of application (Financial, reporting, IRS Tax Status).
  2. Club must have had an ongoing fundraiser that was cancelled specifically due to COVID-19.
  3. This can only be used for a charitable purpose; these funds cannot be used for operations of the club or the organization they support.


  • Club board should discuss if they qualify to apply for the grant
  • Use online application to apply
    • Have this information ready when you apply:
      • Information on the ongoing fundraiser, including the date planned for and the date cancelled.  You will be asked for the average net proceeds from this fundraiser.
      • Information on what the money raised is going to support. This includes the organization (or internal club program).
    • You will receive an email confirmation of submission of the grant.
  • Notification
    • The club will be notified via email of acceptance of your application. As long as it meets the guidelines, a check will be mailed to the Contact Address on the application. 
    • Upon receipt of the grant, clubs should submit a narrative and/or photos showing the use of the funds. They can be submitted to