Giving Thanks to Our Generous Donors

August 9, 2018

Your Annual Fund donations make an unimaginable impact! At Sertoma headquarters, we’ve received an abundance of “thank you” letters from the entities that we have helped because of your generous gifts.

Learn how you’re transforming the lives of individuals in need every single day. Every dollar makes a difference, and every life changed results in a beautiful story. You’ve created many, but here are a few.

South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind Foundation –   “We are truly honored to receive your grant and award,” said Anna Akerman, Chief Executive Officer. “Your generous financial investment will allow us to bring specialized training to our speech and language therapists, which will allow them to enhance their training and therapeutic services to our students who are deaf and hard of hearing.”

International Hearing Dog Inc. – “With this assistance, International Hearing Dog can continue to provide its professionally trained hearing dogs at no cost to deaf or hard of hearing recipients,” said Valerie Foss-Brugger, Executive Director. “We have more applications than ever to fill this year; with your help, IHDI can meet the growing demand for its special helpers and make a better life for more hearing dog teams.”

Hearing Speech & Deaf Center of Greater Cincinnati – “Thanks to the generosity of donors just like you, we provided $443,841 in charitable services directly helping people in our community to overcome barriers in communication last year,” said J.B. Boothe, CEO. “Sertoma’s community grant program allows us to continue our tradition of providing high-quality audiology services to clients of all ages through the purchase of a GSI Corti diagnostic unit.”

Sertoma Speech and Hearing Foundation of Florida Inc. – “We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the amount of $5,000 for hearing aids, hearing aid batteries and supplies,” said Debra Golinski, Executive Director. “Your kind gift will allow us to continue serving the children and adults with hearing loss that would otherwise go without hearing aids, hearing related products and services. Because of your generosity, we can help these people to hear the world around them.”

Hastings Public Schools Foundation – “Thank you for your generous contribution to purchase Redcat Audio Systems for classrooms that require additional resources for students with speech and hearing related conditions,” said Betty Kort, Executive Director. “The Hastings Public Schools Foundations works to “extend the horizon of opportunity” for all students it serves. Thank you for bringing us many steps closer to achieving this important mission.”

Your gifts make big dreams come true. If you’d like to continue changing lives make a donation today!

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