National Service Project & GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global movement designed to inspire people to not only make the world a better place for their communities, but also worldwide.

The idea is simple. Every Tuesday, give what you can for a cause of your choosing – whether it is monetarily, or just by giving your time.

#GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of unity as a response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19, will take place on May 5, 2020. That day marks the kick-off of our very special service project created to serve the people in our hearing communities. 

Sertoma’s #GivingTuesday Project

We are thrilled to announce our special Giving Tuesday project for 2020-2021 is one that will help so many! For our National Service Project of 2020, we are inviting our clubs will raise money to purchase one (or more) Portable InfoLoops to donate to a local hospital or one of the hospital’s associated clinics. A Portable InfoLoop system amplifies sound in a certain area for people who use hearing aids. The club will donate them May 2021 during Better Hearing and Speech Month. Your Headquarters will be raising money to purchase two InfoLoops to its hometown of Kansas City!

Click here to view the National Service Project information packet.

What Are Portable InfoLoops?

The Portable InfoLoop is a completely self-contained, one-on-one induction loop assistive listening system. It’s compatible with all telecoil equipped hearing aids, cochlear implants and induction loop receivers.

With the Portable InfoLoop, listeners receive the signal at a distance of up to 3 feet from the unit.

How Can We Help?

Keep Us Posted!

Share your progress on Social Media! Use the hashtag #SertomaHeroes and tag us in your photos! Be sure to share on the Member’s Corner group on Facebook.

Q & A

Can my Sertoma club use funds already in our sponsorship fund?

Yes! Participating Sertoma club can purchase the Portable InfoLoops with funds already in their sponsorship fund. They can also hold a special fundraiser to earn the money for the loop.

How much do Portable InfoLoops cost?

Approximately $300. We are negotiating a discount from the manufacturer, and will let our clubs know the price as soon as it is available. An order form will be made available so that clubs can order directly for the loops + shipping and handling.

Will the clubs be raising money for Sertoma HQ to purchase the loops, or will the individual club purchase them directly?

All purchases will be made directly through a special form to be provided here at a later date.

When should we plan to present our portable loops?

Plan to present your portable loops during Better Hearing and Speech Month in May 2021. Sertoma will help clubs with a press kit about the National Service Project to help your club gain local media attention.

How will you know we’re participating?

Tell us! Contact us and let us know you will be
participating! Email Brian at

Can we hold a CELEBRATE SOUND® event as a fundraiser?

Absolutely!  Check here for more details.

How will Sertoma, Inc. help with this effort?

We’ll be publicizing the great work all our clubs are doing in support of this effort with media releases, social media posting, and more! We also are planning a campaign for BHSM 2021 to let the whole world know just how our Sertoma clubs have been able to help health care offices.

Can we partner with other local clubs to donate to more offices as a group?

Great idea! Absolutely! The more help, the better!