Member Center Under Construction

March 9, 2018


Some of you may or may not be having trouble accessing Sertoma’s member center.  This part of Sertoma’s website remains under construction, and we do apologize for the inconvenience. We have received questions as to why this is occurring and how long the repairs will take.

Here’s what has been going on and what we know so far…

The member management portion of our website is a custom piece of programming that was written over 10 years ago. It was custom built, because at this time we needed it to manage not just clubs, but all of the overlapping relationships of Districts and Regions. BlackBaud’s upgrade to current coding standards is occurring, but it’s not a fast process for the developers who have to learn how Sertoma is structured, how our members and leadership volunteers are recorded in our database, and what we want to provide them access to. In December, BlackBaud told us it would likely be ready in two months, but we were recently told that it will take longer.

For the individuals who are not able to access the member center at this time, please send your membership changes to As soon as BlackBaud resolves the current website issues, you will be notified. We sincerely appreciate your patience as a solution is being worked on.

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