National Convention – Postponed!

Aaron Ensminger, CAE

March 16, 2020

In my last communication about convention, I let you know that we would be following local guidance in deciding whether to postpone. 

The CDC has recommended no gatherings over 50, and the Mayor of Kansas City has agreed and put a ban on meetings of this size for the next eight weeks. 

As a result we will be postponing convention. 

I don’t have all the details yet… we’re still figuring out a new date. But I wanted to let you know the decision has been made, and how we’ll be handling it for those of you who have registered. 

Every member who has registered will be contacted in the coming days about whether you’d like a refund or would like us to apply your registration to the new dates. 

There’s no action you need to take with Sertoma. We’ll contact you.

However, please contact the hotel to ensure that your reservation is canceled. You can reach them at 855-516-1093.

Your health and safety is important to us… thank you for your support and watch your email for the rescheduled convention dates… let’s make it a bigger celebration than we even planned!!


  • ROGER SPITZ says:

    Which ballots are counted to decide a winner? Is it the one for individual voting or do you count the club vote or do you count them all. this is hard to understand how you know who the winners are. Most clubs can vote twice on the same issue. Once for the club vote and once for the individual vote.

    • Aaron Ensminger says:

      Hi Roger!

      All ballots count the same–club and member. To use round number and make it easy, we’ll just say there are 10 clubs with 10 members each and all clubs and all members cast votes. That gives us 110 votes cast. To get a majority, a candidate would need 56 votes in his/her favor. To get the 2/3 needed for a bylaws measure, it would need 73 votes, which would be 66.36% of the votes cast.

      The entities eligible to vote are in the Sertoma bylaws, which would themselves need a 2/3 vote to change 🙂

  • Junelle Mongno says:

    I assume the deadline for return of club ballots remains April 10, 2020?

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