New Officers

July 10, 2019

It’s a new year in Sertoma, which means we have new officers. View the full list below! To contact your national leaders or fellow volunteers, please use our member directory located here.

2019-2020 National Officers

:  John Kelly, Lillington, North Carolina
President Elect:  Joy Newman, Tucson, Arizona
Senior Vice President:  Darryl Ching, Honolulu, Hawaii
Junior Vice President:  Gretchen Nielsen, Wichita Falls, Texas
Treasurer:  Bea Gabany, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Secretary:  Aaron Ensminger, Kansas City, Missouri

Directors at Large

Caleb Kershaw, Rembert, South Carolina
Susan Love, Springfield, Missouri
Walter “Chuck” Wilson, Sumter, South Carolina

Regional Directors

Allegheny/Canada: Richard Woodard
Atlantic Coast: Dennis Saylor
Great Lakes: Tom Whitaker
Great Plains: Steve Brown
Heart of America: Tim Romero
Mountain West: Steve Dawson
Southeastern/Caribbean: Walter Osborn


  • Tom Zimmerman says:

    I have been locked out of certain information that I am looking for, specifically who are the new specialists and their contact information. I would like to get in touch with one of them for a potential program.

    • says:

      Good afternoon! All assigned specialists are listed in the Leadership Directory where you can choose which type of specialist you are interested in reaching out to. To access the Leadership Directory, go to and click on Member Center in the upper right portion of the page. Once on the Member Center, click on the Leadership Directory icon. You will be directed to a login page if you are not already logged in. After completing the login process, you should see the National Volunteers and Club Officers Directory options to choose from. In the Directory Office field, select the specialist type you are looking for and then click on the Search button. The names and emails for these individuals will populate below the fields. To see additional information on a specific person, simply click on their name and you will see phones and addresses. If the Leadership Directory doesn’t appear as described, send us an email to

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