Fifteen Reasons to Love Sertoma

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Member Services

September 8, 2020

For more than 100 years, Sertomans across North America have been united in their mission of service to others. However, Sertoma is much more than just another service organization. In today’s post, we share 15 reasons we’re #ProudToBeASertoman!

  1. Friendship: Whether it is with members from across the country or right in your backyard, Sertoma can help open the doors to new lifelong friendships. 
  2. Personal Development: Hone professional, interpersonal and personal development skills like public speaking, one-on-one communication, strategic planning and more with your Sertoma involvement.  
  3. Leadership Development: Climb the Sertoma ladder while developing and improving your leadership skills through committee chairpersonship,

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