Promote Better Hearing & Speech Month

Debby Larsen, President-Elect

April 27, 2015

When is Better Hearing & Speech Month? What should we do as a club? Why do anything? I decided to Google “better hearing & speech month” and Google told me that there were 15,900,000 results. All I could think was WOW! I went on Pinterest and there were a lot of ideas for Better Hearing & Speech Month. The word is out but not as much as it should be.

Each May Better Hearing & Speech Month gives us an opportunity to raise awareness about hearing health. Michigan State University indicates that for over 75 years May has been the month designated as Better Hearing & Speech Month. What better way is there to get the word out about the programs that Sertoma has to offer to help raise awareness of Hearing Health!

What are you waiting for – Sertoma supplies the tools – we need you to help implement them. Programs such as SAFEEars! ®, CELEBRATE SOUND Don’t Walk in Silence™, and A Sound Investment – holding an informational meeting on looping.

“Everyone knows someone that has a hearing issue and needs help, or be informed where help is available. Hearing is the number one health issue in men over 65 and number four in women. Hearing loss over time breaks down communication and causes individuals to be isolated. They no longer want to participate in activities.  Hearing loss affects high school students and it is irreversible. May is a great way to promote our SAFEEars! program.” This information came from last year’s article written by Don Bartlemay.

Like most people my age you are dealing with parents who are hard of hearing. They first do not want to admit they can’t hear well. After a lot of nagging, they finally get their hearing checked and find out that they need hearing aids. Once they get them it can sometimes be a challenge to get them to wear them.

The more we educate people on the importance of hearing health the better off everyone will be. I encourage every club to do something during May. Make sure you take pictures and send an article into headquarters to be featured in a Sertoma communication piece. Your event may prompt another club to do something next year during May.


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