Resolution Committee’s Update

February 11, 2019

Adopted by the Sertoma Board on February 7, 2019

At the February Board meeting held by a conference call, the Resolution Committee reported their recommendations to the full Board.  The Board adopted the recommendations of the committee.  Of the six resolutions presented prior to the Resolution Committee meeting, the following items came from members and clubs during the Region meetings in the fall of 2018.

Of the six resolutions presented, the committee determined three were Advisory. These will be added to the Board’s agenda for review and consideration.  For technical reasons, three were determined to be out of order.  However, the intent of one of those is being recommended to the Board for consideration even if the proposed action is out of order.  If you have a question about the process or outcome, please let us headquarters know, and they will be shared with the Board and Committee. Sertoma headquarters can be reached at 816.333.8300.

For details on the resolutions process, please click this link. 


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