Sertoma Provides Students with Educational Resources in New Mexico

Students from the Edgar R. Garrett Hearing and Speech program at New Mexico State University travelled to Peru for a once in a lifetime educational experience, thanks to the generosity of the Las Cruces Sertoma Club.

March 3, 2016

Let’s face it; graduating from college can be stressful. So, what makes a college student successful and ready to conquer the next set of challenges?  Is it having knowledgeable teachers, excelling at intensified course work, or travelling to gain hands on experience?

One could argue that there are multiple factors that play a pivotal role in whether or not a student graduates feeling ready for the intimidating, and inevitable “real world.”

The Las Cruces Sertoma Club of Las Cruces, New Mexico, realized that students truly need a variety of resources and experiences in order to feel properly prepared.

In order to continue Sertoma’s mission of hearing health, the Las Cruces Sertoma Club focused its efforts on donating to students within the local community; specifically, students involved in the speech and hearing health program.

In Nov. 2015, the Las Cruces Sertoma Club presented a check of $10,400 to the Edgar R. Garrett Speech and Hearing Center at New Mexico State University (NMSU) to assist students with new educational opportunities and materials.

Rachel Hoehle, a second year speech and language pathology graduate student, said she is personally grateful to the Las Cruces Sertoma Club for its generous contributions.

In the summer of 2015, Hoehle was one of 10 students chosen to travel to Peru for the opportunity of a lifetime. The money donated by Sertoma allowed students from the speech and pathology program to perform free speech therapy to adults and children who were recovering from cleft lip and palate surgery.

“I gained clinical experiences that the majority of graduates will never receive,” Hoehle said. “Our team worked with some unique cases, but I was able to help. It gave me a collection of completely new experiences and a global perspective that I’ve never had.”

Charles Wagner, the president of the Las Cruces Sertoma Club, says that his club plans to continue showing their support to the university.

“We strive to support the mission of Sertoma,” Wagner said. “New Mexico State University has a wonderful program for communicative disorders. As long as we are able to help, we will. It is a long term commitment.”

The Las Cruces Sertoma Club has been raising money for the university since 1969 through various events such as: hosting BINGO nights, running concession stands and putting on special event dinners.

In total, this Sertoma Club has raised and donated an impressive amount of $140,000 to the university.

Some of these donations have funded faculty for summer school programs, provided student scholarships, and have also supplied students with vans, so that they can travel to clinical services both on and off campus.

Tenecia Yeboah, the director of clinical education at NMSU, said she is extremely thankful for Sertoma’s generous donations and continued benevolence.

“I believe our relationship with Sertoma is invaluable,” Yeboah said. “We are very grateful for their presence. Everyone benefits from their giving spirt. I feel their presence is making a great difference in the lives of students, and the community as well.”

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    Supporting the students is a wonderful idea.

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