Service to Mankind & Sertoman of the Year

Pat McArdle, Treasurer

March 16, 2015

As we approach the fourth quarter of Sertoma it is time to celebrate with those in your club and community who have distinguished themselves in service to others. In other words, it is time to select a club Service to Mankind recipient and Sertoman of the Year. What better way to recognize the accomplishments of others by participating in this annual recognition process.

If you haven’t started, appoint a committee and seek out nominations from your area for those worthy of receiving your club’s Service to Mankind Award. You can find nominations for the award from your community. If you are out and working in the community, you will meet outstanding volunteers. After selecting the recipient you are encouraged to make this a special event by holding a dinner or reception inviting the general public and the recipient’s friends and family members to help recognize that special person who is making a difference in your community.

As the end of the year approaches it is also time to select your Service to Mankind award winner for your club; that outstanding member who has gone above and beyond in service to your club and community. Make the announcement and presentation something special. Recognize that great Sertoman’s hard work by other members of your club. It should encourage others to set their sights higher for the coming year. They might consider working for this very special recognition.

Remember that this is not just club recognition. Compose a worthy nomination and forward it to your District Governor before July 1 for consideration for the district awards. The Governors determine the district award winners and then submit them to your Region. Show your pride in recognizing these community leaders by participating in these two programs. Be proud to be a Sertoman.

To view all award applications and guidelines, please click here.


  • Jean Gardner says:

    the York Sertoma Club in York Nebraska would like to submit our Service to Mankind award winner. We believe the deadline is July 1, 2019. Is that correct. Our question is how do we submit: written essay and photo of presentation? Who and where do we submit for our award winner.

    Thank you

    • Merritt Whitley says:

      Hi Jean!

      Great question. Yes, the deadline to apply for the Service to Mankind award is July 1. All of the information about our Sertoma awards (process, eligibility, how to submit, etc.) can be found online here:

      Please let me know if you have additional questions.

  • Michael Tapp says:

    Gentlemen, I’m a member of Sertoma Club of Greenwood, IN. I’m Chair for this year’s Service to Mankind award and have never done it before. How long of a composition (# of words) must it be to submit. what is the proper procedure and guidelines?

    Thanks, Mike Tapp

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