Start Working On Your Club Budget

Don Bartlemay

May 18, 2015

About this time each year clubs should be putting their budget together for the next year. The club treasurer puts together a preliminary budget that should be voted upon before July 1, 2015. When drafting the budget it is important to reflect on the mission of the club and to set goals for the year that fulfill the mission.

As a member of a club, some tips you should consider for the budget:
  • Who are your club sponsorships?
  • How much does the club give each year?
  • Are we supporting Sertoma’s Hearing Health programs? Adopt-An-Agency or SAFEEars!®
  • How many events is the club holding?

The budget is your club’s financial road map for the year, there are always adjustments during the year, but your budget will give you a good idea where your club is going financially and what the club must do to meet those objectives.

The budgeting forms and other resources are available through the Member Center

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