The Beginning of Vision 2020

July 12, 2018

There’s a lot of rumor and speculation about the new Vision 2020 strategy. Some of it is true, some of it is not. The best way to know the truth is to read what comes directly from Sertoma, or even better, pick up the phone or send an email to any Board member. But in 40 words or less, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

What is Vision 2020? It is the strategy for how Sertoma can fix the problems of communication with its clubs and members by providing effective training and support when and where members need it, while growing Sertoma service in new communities.

Why do we need this change? Many members and leaders agree that our current efforts do not meet the member’s needs of support and growth. The work of our current structure is not working; we can either try something new or accept that we are going to fail.

What are we losing?  The districts are going away, along with the current obligations for meetings, dues, etc.  When Vision 2020 is implemented, any balances in those accounts will be distributed based on the member’s votes within each district.

What about the Governor?  The Governor role is being replaced, not lost.  Clubs will still have an assigned volunteer to provide communication, which will help the club access support.  The difference is that the only focus is the club’s needs individually, not as a group of clubs.

What about awards and fellowship? Awards will continue, as will region meetings with some adjustment. Clubs can still communicate and share efforts locally, but that is their choice, not a Sertoma requirement.

If you have additional questions, or would like more information about the implementation of Vision 2020, we have created a section online for you to reference. Click here for more answers!



  • Tim Latto says:

    A prime effort should be to acquire young members, get them in to leadership, allow them to set the future of Sertoma. We, Charleston, are a club of about 25 of what used to be a club of 125, mostly senior type members. If the club offered more to the members, I think we could succeed very well.

    • Steven Murphy says:

      Clearly the future requires use to attract new and yes younger members. That means operating in ways that reflect how people are volunteering and donating in this century. That is not always easy for a 100 year old organization – but we are trying.

  • Richard A. Vandiver says:

    This is a very, very bad idea. It has been clear for quite some time that some folks at Sertoma Inc. and/or on the Board want to eliminate any intermediaries between the clubs and headquarters so that control/power can be better concentrated. This is a “civic” club. The foundations of Sertoma were the relationships established between members, clubs and districts. We need those relationships very badly. To transition to an organization that has no interest but building Hearing Charities of America and eliminating all of the background noise created by programs such as National Heritage, Service to Mankind, Sertoman of the Year, Club Awards …. and on, and on…. is to doom Sertoma to the dust-bin of history. You have already sought to stifle dissent by eliminating a Board Member for the crime of disagreeing with Vision 2020 and that action certainly portends a shift to totalitarian thinking. Please understand that there are those of us who joined Sertoma to give back to our communities but to also be part of a community of supportive, like-minded individuals. To become servants to some vague, unidentified entity in Kansas City is definitely not appealing to me. I have been in Sertoma since June of 1970 and have been a life member since the early 1980’s. I do not believe the creators of Vision 2020 have the best interests of Sertoma in mind and I vigorously oppose your plan.

  • Edward Koolish says:

    Districts are going away: great idea. It seemed to me that ‘districts’ were an unnecessary administrative overheard. Districts consumed resources and did no fund raising.

  • William Dak says:

    This definately appears to be a step in the right direction. Declining membership, group financial burdens and extraordinary governmental bureaucracy should be replaced with sensible individual club membership enlistments, individual club operational business planning and limited governmental restraints. Bravo!

  • Robert Foster says:

    What about get togethers at the District and Regional level meetings and work shops?

    • Steven Murphy says:

      The change does not impact anything at the Regional level, nor should it impact how clubs want to support each other in a geographic area. Trainings being provided in multiple areas will continue . This primarily impacts how Sertoma will recruit and assign volunteers to communicate with clubs.

      • TIMOTHY ROMERO says:

        Amen Steve. Nothing in Vision 20/20 dictates how clubs will operate in the future other than how our mission is communicated to the clubs. And nothing prohibits clubs who share a geographic area from getting together. I would propose these gathering be more social than business but with the idea that we grow stronger when we share ideas that work and ideas that maybe did not work.

  • Thomas Ertl says:

    District funds divided by “members votes”. Does that mean proportional to club’s membership…or proportional to voting in some ballot….or will each district have a vote on how to divide?

  • Ronald F. Luebben says:

    What has the Board done with the vacant Director at Large position from which Michael Brown was removed? If nothing at this time, what is planned?

    • Steven Murphy says:

      That was a difficult action, and to immediately replace Mr. Brown seemed at the least insensitive. The Board could appoint, but there is also the option to allow the position to be open until the members could vote in the next election cycle. That decision is pending.

  • Sherry Shayne says:

    I like it! Now, it would be great to see how you can implement some sensitivity training so that our clubs can attract more persons who are not white, old men, retired military! The ‘good old boy’ network is quite apparent here in El Paso County and it makes me sick!

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