The Next Chapter of Sertoma Service and Philanthropy

Steven Murphy, Sertoma Executive Director

March 16, 2015

Do you want others to join you in Sertoma service and philanthropy?

There is once upon a time, stories of the good old days. There is also, once upon a time, imaginative stories where anything seems possible. Our future requires that we embrace both aspects of once upon a time.

Do you want others to join you in Sertoma service and philanthropy? Then you need to share your Sertoma story.  It is not a story of what you did, but of how helping others made you feel. People want good feelings in their life. If you have a story that touches them, they are going to want to know how to get that in their life.

If you want your club to be known, admired and supported, then you need to share your club’s story. Your club story does not begin with “we meet on Tuesday’s and do a pancake breakfast, and …”  That is a report. The support you seek, is not for the club but those you serve, so your club story is told in the voice of those you help. In the end you are asking people to join you in supporting people with need – so make those people, your story.

Our future depends on great stories about the feelings we have shared and experienced.  Our future requires stories of the difference we have made in the lives of people. Our future needs stories about what is possible as others share in our efforts.

It is why our convention in April is a focus on your story, your club’s story, and the next chapter of Sertoma service and philanthropy you want to write. Join us as we celebrate and plan our happily ever after.

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