Think Outside the Club! Wait. What?

April 13, 2018

Sertomans are known for rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. Service to mankind is at the heart of our members, our clubs, our volunteer leaders and the Sertoma staff.

It quickly becomes an integral part of our daily lives. Sometimes though, we find ourselves stretched too thin, overwhelmed, and maybe even a little burned out from the everyday responsibilities such as family, work and a myriad of other areas.

With charter dates going as far back as 1912, it is possible your club’s activities schedules reached overload marks some time ago. But full calendars don’t stop new projects and much needed community outreach programs from coming along. Most often, they are just as important as the ones already in place. It’s so hard to say no to those that need our help. There simply aren’t enough people who have enough time and energy to make them happen.

Various members have inquired about their club hosting a CELEBRATE SOUND with the idea it would fund one of the new projects or outreach programs needed in their areas, but ultimately found there just weren’t enough club members available to make it happen.

When club calendars and schedules are so packed, there are four options to consider.

  1. Keep squeezing more and more onto the calendar—until it ends up quantity over quality.
  2. Remove things from the calendar—never an easy task.
  3. Say no to all new projects and programs—a tough decision to make.
  4. Say YES to new projects and programs—by thinking outside the club.

Saying yes sounds like a winner for everyone, but how does that end up working out for a club?

Is there a group in your community that would have an interest in the same project or program? Maybe you work as co-hosts and share the work, while meeting the same community need. There seems to be a misconception that in order to host a CELEBRATE SOUND event, it has to be hosted by a Sertoma club. Not true! A majority of them in the past have been hosted by Sertoma clubs, but not all of them.

What if there aren’t any new hearing health related projects or programs on the horizon for the club, but a club member knows of a need? Is there another group who might have an interest in meeting the need? Reach out to them! Talk to them about the CELEBRATE SOUND program and how it could be instrumental in helping the community.

No projects or programs on the horizon? No new hearing health needs either? Go ahead and reach out to other groups. The club doesn’t have to be involved beyond spreading the word, unless of course they want to.

Does the local school district still need equipment to test hearing? Let them know about CELEBRATE SOUND and how it could help fund the equipment. Does a club member’s church need a loop installed to provide a service to their members with hearing aids? Let them know about CELEBRATE SOUND. Is there a university in your area? Do they have any groups that would have an interest in hosting an event to benefit a hearing health related project or program? Reach out to them!

Sertoma’s mission—member, club, volunteer leader, staff—OUR mission, can be furthered locally and nationally through CELEBRATE SOUND events. So spread the word!

Think outside the club! Get started now.

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