Three Membership Best Practices

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services

October 6, 2020

Membership is a never-ending process. There are times when it definitely feels like we have tried everything, and perhaps we have. However, membership is also a cycle, which means it is important for us to revisit those old ways to see if they can be revamped to make our work even more successful.

Here are three fairly simple membership best practices your club should be following:

1.  Personalize the Experience. Membership is a very personal decision. We are not only giving of our money in the form of dues, we are also committing to giving our time and financial resources to attend meetings, go to events, participate in fundraisers, volunteer and so much more. Therefore, it’s important to find ways to capitalize on that close connection by personalizing the experience for your members. This can be as simple as personalizing your communications to having your leaders meet with new members. Discover why your members are part of your club, what brought them to join or what keeps them as a member. Make it matter.

2.  Provide Meaningful Benefits. Along the same lines of making membership matter, you also want to ensure your club is providing meaningful benefits. So often, we offer up what we think that our members need rather than what they actually want. As a service organization, it is important that we are providing relevant answers to situations and problems in our communities. When we provide something that people are looking for and continue to talk publicly about those things, we can achieve our goal of being relevant. 

3.  Keep Your Messaging Strong. Perhaps the biggest advice we can provide is to make sure that you are consistently communicating with your members. Frequency is important. Make sure that your social media and website, if you have one, are updated regularly. Meet your publishing deadlines. Include membership messages in everything you do. Find ways to emphasize how you’re meeting your mission. By doing these little things, you show that your club is strong and that membership matters.

We will be sharing additional tips for membership recruitment and retention over the next few weeks. Don’t forget – you can always find additional informational resources and trainings in the Sertoma Member Center.

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