Unconventional Golf Tournament Benefits Hearing Health

Attendees of this year’s Port Arthur Noon Sertoma Club golf tournament participated in a variety of uniquely designed golf course challenges to raise money for hearing health and the community.

May 24, 2016

Baby blue skies and unlimited Texas sunshine created the perfect day this year for Sertoma’s charitable golf tournament. The uniquely designed 27th Annual Port Arthur Noon Sertoma Club golf tournament was held April 10 at the beautiful Bayou Din Golf Club in Beaumont, Texas.

In total, the event raised around $9,000, and ended up being a huge success according to Tim Romero, a member of Sertoma, and the golf tournament chairman.

“Everybody felt great,” Romero said. “We generated a lot of good will for the name Sertoma, as well as our club. We made sure all of the participants knew that their donations would be going back into the community.”

The tournament consisted of 18 teams comprised of four men each. Several holes were creatively designed to help build even more excitement throughout the fundraiser. Romero said that at one hole in particular, each player had the option to sit on a hot pink toilet before hitting the ball. Mattresses, chairs and other various props were used during the event to help create a relaxed, yet fun filled atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the event was cancelled last year due to rain. However, this year, sunshine was abundant, the temperature was 72 degrees and no humidity was present.

Phil Owens, a participant in the golf tournament this year, said that he has attended and supported the event for 6-7 consecutive years.

“It’s always a family atmosphere,” Owens said. “The event was well run and organized. The club does great work with all of the proceeds as well. It’s a pleasure to support and share their efforts.”

All of the proceeds raised at the event will be donated to various aspects of hearing health and will go towards helping others. Romero said his club receives hearing aid requests regularly, and as long as the request is legitimate, it is never turned down.

Since 2008 alone, the Port Arthur Noon Sertoma Club has raised and spent around $98,000 solely on hearing aids for individuals in need.  The club also provides several scholarships to audiology students and relies heavily on the funds from their events to continue pursuing Sertoma’s mission.

“We do a great job of promoting ourselves locally,” Romero said. “But we want to broaden our sphere. The golf tournament is simply a great way for us to reach more people in the community.”

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