Vision 2020: A plan for tomorrow

Vision 2020 is here!  It’s a new way of operating; a new way of communicating, and a faster way to get the work of Sertoma done.

Your clubs will now be working with three different types of leader volunteers:

  • Mission Specialists – Your Mission Specialist will be there to help your club with mission activities, whether that’s Annual Fund gifts, learning how to support the larger Sertoma & HCOA Mission, or just questions about how it all works together.
  • Communication Specialists – Your club’s Communication Specialist will be in touch once a quarter to talk about Sertoma. Do you need help? Do you have the next great idea? Are you working on expanding? Your Communication Specialist will pass feedback on to the Board and to Staff and also help put you in touch with the right people to help.
  • Training Specialists – This group is busy creating trainings to help your club do what it does better. Whether it’s how to ensure you’re in legal compliance with IRS code, learning how to recruit better, or just getting tips and thoughts on how to take your club to the next level, this group is here to ensure you’ve got all the information you need.

We’re so excited to see Vision 2020 in practice!

Vision 2020

Video Overview

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We want you! We still have volunteer positions open for the 2019-20 year, and we’d like you to be a part of Sertoma’s leadership!  Take a look at the job descriptions by clicking the links below and fill out the application at


To facilitate Sertoma’s specialists, training modules for each role are in the works and will be posted once complete. Currently, a few of the modules for Mission Specialists are available.

To access the main training library page, click HERE

To access current Mission Specialist training modules, click HERE

Thank you for your patience as these important training tools are finalized.

  • What is Vision 2020?
    • It is a strategy to improve communication and support of Sertoma members and partners at the community level, and to grow Sertoma service into new communities. The strategy includes:
      • A belief that the critical component of Sertoma is our community-based members/volunteers, and that we can better serve those members individually, and not through a hierarchical or geographical grouping.
      • Replacing current volunteers positions with new roles focused on helping Sertoma communicate, train, and support members and clubs at the community level.
      • Replacing an early 20th century structure, with one consistent with the technologies and expectations of society in the 21st century.
  • How does Vision 2020 work?
    • The work of Sertoma includes three areas: communication, training/support and mission growth. Sertoma will recruit, train and support a new volunteer role for the following areas.
      • Communication Specialist: Ensuring the members and Sertoma have consistent, accurate and timely communication is the focus of this role. They will address this by contacting the leaders of their assigned clubs at least once or twice per quarter to (1) listen to the needs and issues of the club and (2) make sure clubs are aware of all resources and information from Sertoma, and (3) connect clubs to trainers or other volunteers to address training and support needs.
      • Mission Specialist: Growth for a 501(c)(3) is measured by increasing service and philanthropy, which requires new and renewing volunteer and donor relationships. The Mission Specialists will work in one or both areas of mission growth. One area is to promote growth of our shared hearing health mission within the current Sertoma family. The second area is working in new communities to engage new people in our hearing health activities/programs. (Hearing Aid Project, A Sound Investment, SAFEEars!, CELEBRATE SOUND.) Efforts in this second area will be the work of the Board of Directors in the first year.
      • Training Specialist: Keeping our members competitive for the time and funding from volunteers and donors in every community is the work of the Training Specialist. The role will provide training or consulting support requested by members to ensure our members can effectively compete for those resources.
    • Each role will have one specialist lead along with a Board member liaison to supervise recruitment, training and performance of each role. The three teams will form the specialist lead team to coordinate and evaluate the support of our clubs as a whole. That committee will report directly to the Board.
  • How does a member/volunteer get recruited for one of the new roles?
    • Sertoma will recruit and train interested individuals. The assumption is that many of the current volunteers will continue to want to support or communicate with our community members. The major difference is we are not looking for one person in one area, as this structure is not limited by geography. Members can apply and if accepted will be trained and assigned clubs to support.
  • Do clubs get to select who is assigned to their club?
    • No, each role will be assigned to clubs by Sertoma through a new volunteer development committee. That committee will be made up of three teams – one for each role, who will evaluate and assign volunteers. One of the benefits of this is it requires the new roles to learn about each club they are assigned rather than the assumption that because they are from the same District – they really know the club’s activities and issues.
  • How do these roles get trained and supported?
    • As with our current roles, Sertoma will provide training and support. In the first year(s) training will be held for all of the roles at the same time as our national annual meeting/convention. Sertoma will cover the cost for the training and will provide as able some subsidy for travel and related expenses. As to the expenses for the volunteers in fulfilling their roles, those will come from the budget and revenues as approved by the members. One of the major differences in the new structure is to utilize technologies other than the car to connect with members – which will be a significant savings of both time and money.
  • Why did the clubs not vote on this?
    • Members and clubs get to vote on everything that directly impacts their membership or the charter of the club. This does not impact the club or how it functions. This only impacts how Sertoma communicates and supports its members. Just as your club’s board makes decisions about how to manage its volunteers, Sertoma’s Board has the same right and obligation to do the same for its volunteers.

Yes, applications are still being accepted for all specialist positions!

Training held during the 2019 Sertoma Convention in Kansas City, is in the process of being created for applicants and is scheduled to be posted shortly. Once approved, each applicant will complete the training and then receive assignments respective to their specialist position.

If you have any questions about the specialist roles and duties, please don’t hesitate to SEND US AN EMAIL.