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February 17, 2016

OMC Regional Foundation & OPHIR School-Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program are the two newest Affiliates. Affiliates are eligible to apply for Community Grants and Professional Education Grants. To find out more information about the Adopt-An-Agency program click here: http://sertoma.org/what-we-do/adopt-an-agency/

OMC Regional Foundation whose mission is to “advocate for and support Olmsted Medical Center and to assist it in funding quality healthcare services and education in the communities it serves”.  The Olmstead Medical Center Audiology Department evaluates, diagnoses, and treats hearing and balance disorders, for all ages.  No patient is ever ‘too young’ or ‘too old’. Untreated communication disorders can significantly, and negatively, impact the quality of life at all ages.  Audiologists hold advanced degrees in the science of hearing and balance. The Affiliate is sponsored by the Rochester 700 Sertoma Club.

OPHIR School-Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program serves eligible students with a documented hearing loss by providing specially designed instruction and services to ensure the deaf or hard of hearing children have access to their educational program for communication, social and academic development. The Affiliate is sponsored by the Sacramento Valley Sertoma Club.

We are seeking Speech Pathologists and Audiologists to judge the Communicative Disorders and/or Deaf and Hard of Hearing Scholarships. The Communicative Disorders Scholarship is due March 30 and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Scholarship is due May 1. The judges are sent approximately 60-70 applications a week after the due date. Judges have about 3-4 weeks to return the results to Sertoma. If are interested please email Bridget at balmond@sertomahq.org.

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