Be a Sertoman

For those who wish to serve, there is Sertoma. The life blood of Sertoma is its members; trained leaders and experienced volunteers engaged in serving others in need. Through Sertoma membership, you have the ability to serve the needs of your community.

Sertomans are bound together through a common thread of camaraderie and a sense of contributing to the greater good. Millions of Americans suffer needlessly from hearing loss, and through our education and support programs, you can make a difference! You can serve your community and improve the lives of those who need help.

Grow With Sertoma

Sertoma membership provides opportunities for personal growth and enables you to develop and use your leadership skills. The Sertoma Leadership Institute provides opportunities to grow in your personal life, professional life and volunteer skills.

It’s easy to get involved. Are you ready to make a difference?

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