Organize a New Sertoma Club

See a need for a Sertoma Club in your area? You can build a new club in your area. There are tools and a structured program to guide you through the process. Training for new members assures the club’s first years are successful and positive.

To become a Sertoma club, you earn a Charter. That process begins with selecting a mission activity.

Mission Activity

A new Sertoma club must complete at least one authorized national hearing health sponsorship/activity. Each comes with full support and training:

  • A Sound Investment:  an advocacy campaign to help communities become aware of access issues for those using hearing devices in conjunction with amplified systems.
  • SAFEEars!®:  an awareness program on the prevention of noise induced hearing loss.
  • Adopt-An-Agency:  a program for nonprofit hearing health organizations to provide financial support for hearing health programs and continuing education for staff.
  • Scholarships:  provides $1,000 scholarships for deaf and hard of hearing students at the undergraduate level, and for graduate level students studying speech pathology or audiology.

To earn the Charter you must also conduct a fundraiser.

CELEBRATE SOUND – Sertoma’s national fund- and awareness-raising event for hearing health. This required fundraiser is a fully supported, turnkey operation – administered primarily online. As every new club needs revenue and volunteers, this is great way to get your new club started!

You are now two thirds the way to Charter!

Member Development

It’s important for new members to understand how to structure and manage the club as a nonprofit business. As required to achieve Charter, your Charter Members will receive complete club development and officer training, covering the following topics:

  • Role Development
    • President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Club Liaison
  • Hearing Health Mission
    • SAFEEars!®
    • A Sound Investment
    • Scholarships
    • Adopt-An-Agency
    • Annual Fund
  • Club Development
    • Club Management – The Business of Sertoma (tax, insurance and legal)
    • Club Management – Governance (Role of the Board and Leadership)
  • Member Development – Resources and Support

Training club members enhances club success and individual skill development. To maintain an active and engaged membership, training is critical. Clubs should send members to Regional Conventions and the Annual Sertoma Convention, where training is a focal point.

Benefits and Responsibilities of Membership

There are many benefits to your Sertoma membership, such as networking opportunities, camaraderie, and the ability to make a real difference. One of the greatest benefits is that you belong to a successful organization with a respected image. For more than 100 years, Sertomans have been leaders in our communities.

Along with the benefits of membership there is also the responsibility of Sertoma dues. Your dues to the organization enable Sertoma to provide clubs with nonprofit tax status, liability insurance for all members, and the development and implementation of Sertoma Programs. Your dues entitle you to receive the Sertoman and Sertoman Digest, the Sertoma News Service, and Sertoma Awards.

Sertoma national membership dues are currently $80 annually. Member dues include the $80 national membership, and district, region and club dues.

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