Why Do You Not Want to Miss Convention?

January 2, 2019

Because it showcases the future of Sertoma!

Each Sertoma member joined their Sertoma Club for several reasons; two of the most common reasons being to help people in need, and to help build a better community.

Sertoma became more than “a club” when dedicated members and volunteers who felt more could and should be done came together to do even more. As we face Sertoma’s future, our success still requires dedicated volunteers willing to recruit, engage and support new people.  This is the purpose of the 2019 Sertoma Convention!

The 2019 Sertoma Convention is about training our members to communicate better and share our mission with our members and people outside of Sertoma.  This will help our clubs to recruit, engage and support new people to strengthen both clubs and Sertoma as an organization.

In recent years, almost everything has been changed because of technology and shifts in society. How do we evolve and change to survive, to grow? It begins with volunteers willing to learn how to use today’s tools to recruit and support members of the Sertoma family. This is what Vision 2020 does for Sertoma.

Under Vision 2020, each role functions within specific areas, but the desired result requires interdependence and consistent messaging throughout the organization. To ensure this, these roles report to the Board of Directors through a volunteer development committee. The committee makeup includes three teams, one for each role. Each team consists of a Board member, volunteer in the role, and staff support.

The new national volunteer roles are: Communication Specialist, Mission Specialist, and Training and Support Specialist.  We will be training members for each of these roles during the 2019 Sertoma Convention.  This is how we are encouraging you to be part of the future of Sertoma.

To learn more about each of the new volunteer roles and how to apply: click here

(The deadline to apply has been extended to January 31.)

To learn more about the 2019 Sertoma Convention: click here.

If you have additional questions, please contact headquarters at 816.333.8300 or email infosertoma@sertomahq.org.

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  • Jesse G BROWN says:

    We voted this down 5 yrs ago when I was on the Board and I still think it is a Bad move Clubs are going to lose that closeness we have had the last 50 years I have been a member Clubs under 20 who have to pay for a full 20 you are going to lose them especially if you raise the dues You got your answer on the last Vote

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