Year End Wrap-Up

David Johnson, President

June 16, 2015

Once upon a time a young father-to-be joined a group of men to help St. Joseph, Missouri become a better community. He experienced a way people can come together from different walks of life and help their community. He learned how to serve as its President. He grew in knowledge and opportunities to become the District Governor and see clubs in the area and how they help their communities. He experienced a variety of cities that had Sertoma and many people whose lives had been touched and changed by the services received. Later he served on the Sertoma Foundation Board as a Trustee and worked with volunteers to merge the Foundation and Sertoma International into Sertoma, Inc.

In San Antonio, Texas and the national convention he was asked a simple question, “If not now, when?” It was a humbling exchange to see many past leaders and current national volunteers asking him this simple question. Why me? Why now? During this period of time, he knew why. He had reached the opportunity to become the board President for Sertoma. He looked back on many learning experiences, conventions, fall district meetings and national board meetings and it was time for this person to give back to Sertoma what it had given him over the past three decades.

I want to say, “Thank You”, to all for teaching me how to grow as a leader, for becoming the many individuals across this country that I truly call my friends. This experience has changed me more than you will ever know. I appreciate your time, efforts and energy in making Sertoma the best national organization. Lee, my wife, and I have enjoyed traveling this year to meet many fellow Sertomans and learn from you about your experiences. We have seen smiling faces from communities when serve pancakes or chili or impact a community of individuals with hearing loss through a looping project.

Thank you all. I have said to the national board, your headquarter staff, your Executive Director, what you give of your time and talents each and every day to strengthen Sertoma is sometimes overlooked. I appreciate each and every one that helped me become who I am today. Thank you!!!” Most of all, I want to thank Lee for allowing the time and energy from our lives for the past few years in this national leadership role. I love you for supporting this activity.

As I close my year as your national President, I am asking each of you, “If not now, when?” Is it time for you to become your club president, district Governor, national Director or is it time for you to say, “Yes, I would like to serve this great organization as the next national board President.” Until we meet again, God Bless!

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